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We've been trusted by many customers

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Why do people love MaskPro?

So happy to see that my brand new Suzuki Vitara 2019 will always look brand new after the professional application of MaskPro! The glossy and spotless surface of the newly coated car shows the meticulous, high quality service provided by the crew! Plus, their excellent customer service will surely keep you excited! Overall, I highly recommend that you coat your car now with MaskPro! Hurry and get the protection that you need for your car against harmful elements so it will always look fresh and new! ?? Thank you, MaskPro!

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Andrew Espera

Worth the money! Awesome results. Scratches no more. A must have for your car. ??

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Jed Legere Dela Cruz

Good Product and Quality Service ?

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Wendell Supremo

Great Product! Good Service and Awesome result!
Bihira ka nlng sa carwash station…?

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John Lloyd Abarracin

Highly recommended from marketing to after sales they provide the best services. What I like the most they offer free check every 6 months and warranty for 5 years or more. ?

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Dio Valentino Ledda

Cleaning my car is so easy and actually enjoyable! It works as advertised and the shop crew are professionals. I think they’re opening up in Obrero soon.

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Jon Skibbe

Maskpro Nano Ceramic Coating - Toyota Wigo Red

My car had been coated with MaskPro Nano Ceramic and one of the features I enjoyed is its hydrophobic effect. When I drive my car in the rain, the water is instantaneously repelled. That’s why I never worry when I drive under a bad weather because I feel safe with it. When I wash my car, dirt and dust are easily removed, even insects! Moreover, it keeps my car looks new throughout the years. If you’re still hesitant whether you want to get coated with MaskPro, I tell you, just do it! Your investment will be worth it without an inch of regret.

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Angel G.

Maskpro Nano Ceramic Coating - Isuzu mu-X

The detailing service team were very precise and exact in their job. The staff were very commendable. They displayed great patience and knowledge as they explained to me their services and products. They answered all my queries proficiently and professionally. Moreover, the results were really awesome!

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Boyet V.


Make your car all day MaskProtected