Overriding, Modifying or Changing any View File (Custom Views)

Feature available in MaskProPOS 3.5 or higher

To change any view files, making direct changes in the file is not recommended. Instead, follow the below steps to create a new file which will override the view file:

  1. Create a folder with name “custom_views” inside the pos folder, like the below screenshot.
  2. Examples:
    1. If suppose you want to override the welcome.blade.php file which is present in pos/resources/views/welcome.blade.php then simply create a welcome.blade.php file inside custom_views directory. Copy-Paste code of original welcome.blade.php file in the newly created file and make changes in the new file.
    2. Similarly to override any file with name xyz.blade.php present inside pos/resources/views/directory_1/directory_2/xyz.blade.php create custom_views/directory_1/directory_2/xyz.blade.php, copy-paste the content of original file and modify it in new files.

The benefit of using this way is the original file is never changed and in any future updated your modified files will not be overwritten.

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